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Let's play some Pickle!!!

Pickleball has arrived at Foothills Club and we are excited to offer it!  There will be some designated play nights scheduled into the calendar where players can drop in and play with others. But, you can always use the court reservation system (ReserveMyCourt) to play on your own time and schedule.  There will be a limited need for taping on the courts using approved tape that must be removed after playing.

Interested in learning and playing Pickleball at Foothills?

We will be offering Pickleball on Friday and Saturday evenings for introductory lessons and play during the month of June on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00-8:00 PM.  Each night there will be a FREE 30-minute introductory lesson at 5:30 PM before play, where you can learn the rules of the game and get a little practice in before you start playing on your own.  Let us know if you are coming to the lesson and/or for the play afterwards using the links below.

*By adding your name to either of these lists, you will be included in the Foothills Pickleball E-Mail List unless you specify otherwise at the links below.*

How to play Pickleball at Foothills

We have created a few introductory videos explaining some of the differences in court dimensions, net height, and taping directions for when you play Pickleball at Foothills Club. Take a look at them below before playing for your first time at Foothills. There are some specific ways to make sure that your experience is as authentic as possible.

Rules and Other Information
Here are some links to the playing rules of Pickleball and also some other general resources for your information.


If you have any questions on Pickleball at Foothills Club, contact Matt Kiser at 719-235-7003 or by E-Mail at


Foothills Pickleball Court Dimensions/Taping Overview

Foothills Pickleball Net Height Adjustment

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