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USTA Tennis Leagues

Most of the USTA leagues take place in the evening.  Matches are played against other tennis teams from the area once a week. You need to be a member of USTA. Yearly USTA Membership is $44.00 a year. League registration for most teams cost around $25.00 for the season. Court fees for league matches are paid per match to the various clubs in town. Home match court fees at Foothills are free for Foothills members. Opponents are charged a fee per player for court fees. Foothills members also pay this fee to clubs when they play a match away from Foothills Club at other clubs.


Foothills Club has men’s teams and women’s teams and sometimes we have mixed doubles teams. If you have never played on a USTA league team, NOW is the time to try it.  There are many levels and the matches are a lot of fun.




Contact Matt Kiser, Foothills Director of Tennis by E-Mail at for additional information on specific teams available.

Click here to visit Colorado Tennis for additional info on leagues.

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