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Tennis Information & Court Rules 
Tennis Hours
  • Daily: Sunrise-11:00 PM (lights off)
    Out of respect for the neighborhood, please turn off the lights when leaving the courts at night if no one else has arrived to play.


Court Reservations
  • An easy-to-use, online booking system called Reserve My Court is used for tennis court reservations.  Create an account to book a court.  Once an account is created, reservations may be made quickly.  Simply fill out the form fields as shown in the image.

    * Please be sure to choose Foothills as the Home Facility.

  • Guidelines for Court Reservations  

    • Available courts may be reserved up to 1 week in advance in 30-minute increments, maximum reservation time 90 minutes.

    • Members can reserve up to two times per week.

    • Please be considerate of others and refrain from reserving the courts in excess.

    • If you make a reservation, please use the court or cancel the reservation.

    • If you “walk-on” an open court, be sure to have a guard input a reservation for you or you may be bumped off the court!

    • In the summer months, every day from 4:30-6:00 PM is designated Family Court Time and no reservations are accepted.  The courts are available on a first-come basis during this time.

    • Adults have priority on the courts after 6:00 PM.  Please do not make court reservations for kids under the age of 21 after 6:00 PM (unless they will be playing with an adult).

    • USTA leagues use the courts during most of the weekday evenings from 6:00-9:00 PM.


Family Time

Two tennis courts will be available for walk-on usage from 4:30-6:00 PM to allow casual tennis play.  Courts may not be reserved during these times, with the exception of the third court.  The third court will be available to tennis pros for the purpose of teaching during that time.  If the third court is not reserved by the tennis pro, it may be used by members on a walk-on basis.


Reservations Available Around USTA Matches

When a USTA match is being hosted at Foothills, there will be one court available for the general membership from 8:00-9:00 PM.  This court will follow the Foothills Reservation policies for making reservations.  This 8:00 PM court reservation is limited to adults only (or at least one adult on the court) and no ball machines, drills, lessons, serving practice, etc.  The actual court reserved in the reservation system may not be the exact court that becomes available at 8:00 PM, but members can check with the USTA captain (or acting captain) at the courts at 8:00 PM to determine which court is available for their reservation.  The Foothills USTA Captain involved with the current match has the right to ask the members who reserved the 8:00 PM court to wait a few minutes to allow a USTA match to finish, if the match is nearing completion or in a tiebreak situation to keep distractions on the court to a minimum.  Rain or inclement weather may also push the USTA matches to a later start time which may cause the 8:00 PM court to not be available until a later time.  USTA team matches take precedence over member-reserved courts.  USTA matches normally are complete at 9:00 PM when all three courts would then be available for general membership.


Questions about participation in USTA Leagues can be directed to the Director of Tennis

Matt Kiser (E-Mail:

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